Edmonton International Airport’s original terminal building gets new life.

September 24, 2014 (Edmonton, Alta) – Executive Flight Centre (EFC) is pleased to unveil their freshly renovated industrial charter terminal (T4) at Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

This 18,000 sq. ft. charter terminal will offer passengers a seamless experience and a raised level of service designed to meet the needs of a modern industrial charter market. Additionally, this facility includes a 36,000 sq. ft. hangar built to support a variety of aviation operations.

Other facility features will include expedited passenger flows, modern passenger lounges, on site café, passenger Wi-Fi and EFC’s exceptional customer service.

“By working closely, EFC Developments, EFC Aviation and our customers will offer passengers the superior experience that they have come to expect from EFC. The growing market is incredibly exciting for us as we continue to grow and thrive,” says Dean Buckland, President & CEO of Executive Flight Centre.

EFC’s extensive renovation of this original EIA facility, dating back to the 1960s, reinforces its long term presence and committed partnership with EIA.

“It’s great to see our historic airport building given new life for Executive Flight Centre’s charter operations. Edmonton has deep roots in aviation history as the Gateway to the North, and by supporting northern resource operations EFC continues a proud tradition of using aviation to drive economic development and prosperity for our region,” says Tom Ruth, President and CEO of Edmonton Airports.

“Designed and equipped to process over 700 passengers an hour, T4 will be a high-traffic facility that is sure to provide passengers with a welcoming environment through its modern design concept and historical value,” says Wayne Smook, Chief Operating Officer of Executive Flight Centre.

Executive Flight Centre has been setting standards in the aviation industry for forty years. Building on EFC’s experience in aviation fuel sales and service, they offer expertise in the areas of airport management and aviation real estate development across Western Canada.