Executive Flight Centre provides bulk fuel storage, delivery, and refueling services throughout Western Canada. Our network of bulk fuel storage tanks range from 5,000 litre to 200,000 litre capacities for Jet A1 or Avgas.

Our delivery trucks range from tandems to super B trailers on dedicated aviation fuel trucks to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of clean aviation fuels.


Storage Systems

If your operations require high volume aviation fuel storage and transfer systems, Executive Flight Centre can help with the EPC components of your project. We have a network of dedicated aviation business development professionals on our team to assist with your expansion goals.

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Mike Cuncannon

Fuel Sales and Distribution Manager (AB, SK)

Phone: 403-291-8070
Toll Free: 1-833-EFC-FUEL (332-3835)

Mike Joined Executive Flight Centre in 1999 and is currently the Fuel Sales and Distribution Manager. Mike’s role guides our bulk sales, pricing, purchasing, and distribution of aviation fuels at EFC. His career began with EFC as an aircraft refueling technician, which evolved into a role as refueling supervisor. In 2006 he moved into our head office – wearing many different hats – from working in the accounting side to the bulk sales and logistics. Mike has a wealth of experience in aviation dating back more than 30 years. His experience spans several functions that include: customer service, operations, logistics, accounting, and sales and marketing.

Since starting at the Calgary International Airport in 1977 Mike has worked for Tri-L Airport Services, Air Canada, ESSO Avitat and Executive Flight Centre. Mike looks forward to continuing his aviation career for many years to come.

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