Executive Flight Centre Aviation is proud to offer air cargo services at the Edmonton International Airport through EFC Cargo. With our experience and fully trained staff, we will treat your cargo as if it were our own, following best practices in the industry. From cargo inspections and assistance with customs clearance, to making sure your shipment goes exactly where it is supposed to, our responsibility is to handle your goods with the utmost care and intention. Our business is making sure your company has a capable and reliable cargo support team, to respond to your needs in a changing and dynamic world of shipping and logistics.

EFC Cargo Highlights:

  • CBSA approved facilities for freight forwarders, importers and exporters, to tender or clear their shipments.
  • Our facilities provide secure storage following our participation in the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program.
  • We are a CW warehouse which allows us to deconsolidate cargo (Deconsol).
  • We act as an Approved Participant within the supply chain for cargo screening of all shipments (X-ray or physical search)
  • We are Registered Shippers in the program which assist in the movement of goods on all Commercial Airlines. This program is recognized as an equivalent to the US program to enable faster and easier trans-border shipments.
  • Freezer and cooler capacity allow us to handle your cold chain shipments including pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, and lab samples.
  • All of our personnel are trained on IATA Dangerous Goods.