Executive Flight Centre is relieved to announce that all of our staff and their families are safely evacuated from the Fort McMurray region, where forest fires continue to devastate the Northern Alberta community.

In light of the catastrophic circumstances facing residents, we are committed to matching, dollar for dollar, all personal donations by our staff to the Canadian Red Cross – Alberta Fires Appeal.

Additionally – the Government of Alberta is matching all donations up to $2 million, and the Government of Canada is matching individual charitable donations made to the Canadian Red Cross in support of disaster relief. Your donation could earn two-to-three dollars for every dollar donated.

During difficult times like these, Albertans rally together to get through it, and that makes us proud to be part of this incredible community.

How to Donate:

  1. Visit the Canadian Red Cross site here: Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal
  2. Click “Make a Personal Donation” at the top of the form.
  3.  Fill out the rest of the form appropriately
  4. Select your payment method and click “Donate Now”

An electronic tax receipt will be sent in your name to the email address provided.

How to Submit Your Receipt for Donation Matching:

  1. Print the receipt and bring it in to the Calgary head office. Make sure your name and address are clearly visible.
  2. Email us a copy of your receipt to Jacqueline Vanaalst jvanaalst@efcaviation.ca

All receipts must have your name and address clearly visible.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 20th 2016.