FBO / VIP Lounge / Hangarage

Executive Flight Centre aims to provide exceptional service for every passenger through our network of FBO’s. EFC has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable aviation professionals who will ensure your experience to our FBO is memorable.


We offer:

  • 24/7 FBO operations – Full-Service FBO (SMS accredited operation) Safety Management System 
  • GPU, Lav Service, Oxygen, Potable Water, Heat Cart Services, Heated Hangar Space, Air Stairs, Aircraft Towing, Belt loader Service, Cargo Handling, Aircraft Grooming, Air Start Unit Service, De-icing Services, Free Dish Washing Service available
  • 24/7 Full Fueling services – Jet and Avgas
  • Full VIP Charter ground handling services
  • Full VIP Catering services
  • Pilot services, sleep room, weather station services, phone, computer, and fax service
  • Hotel transportation services available
  • VIP lounge services – complimentary satellite TV, phone, coffee and drinks available
  • Canpass services
  • Customs facility
  • US Preclearance
  • Flight crew transportation services available
  • Aircraft Maintenance Services available
  • Potable Water
  • Passenger Parking – energized stalls, short and long-term parking
  • Taxi Service
  • Free Wi-Fi internet services
  • ATM Machine
  • Rental Cars available
  • Airport Shuttle Service available