Guessing where or how you are going to refuel at a remote location or wondering how you will continue operations while doing maintenance on a tank farm is no longer a problem. Using mobile fuel storage, such as a mobile-tanker helps operators get aviation fuel on-site quickly, safely and within environmental regulations.

Mobile-tankers are double-walled and built to store volatile or hazardous liquids, such as JET A1 or AVGAS and secure them in a location that before may have not been safe or accessible.

Why should you choose a Mobile-tanker for aviation fuel storage? Well, there is little room for error, plenty of room for convenience and ease of mind on your footprint. But that’s just a start. Let’s break it down.

Reasons to use a Mobile-tanker for aviation fuel storage.


  1. Safety and Environmentally Friendly:

 Mobile-tankers are self contained with a double wall, which creates a tank inside of a tank, so if there was any damage or a leak that occurs than outer protective tank capacity will hold 110% of the inner tank, leaving no room for error.

They feature an emergency shut off, auto-fill that only goes to 97% and are US EPA 40 CFR Part 112, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure compliant.

They also allow for quality control as recommended by CSA B836 and can be safely transported or parked in environmentally sensitive areas.


  1. Flexibility and/or convenient:

 Mobile-tankers offer flexible solutions by providing remote or alternative fuel storage for any length of time, are easy to transport and can be delivered on site with fuel onboard so they are ready to use upon arrival.

With hassle-free fuelling capabilities and reload system, fuel can be transloaded or used directly into plane with over-wing or under-wing refuelling options.

User training, 24-hour phone support, on-site maintenance and quality control are included with using a Mobile-tanker to help with trouble shooting or any unexpected issues that may arise.


  1. Cost-effective:

 The large 40,000 litre storage capacity helps to lower operational costs by reducing the number of fuel transfers and number of deliveries required when compared to traditional or temporary above ground fuel storage tanks.

For additional savings, any unused fuel that is purchased through and used in one of Executive Flight Centres Mobil-tankers will be returned as a credit.


  1. Multi-functional:

 Mobil-tankers are multi-functional as they can be used in almost any situation that Jet A-1 or Avgas is needed. They can be used on airport as additional storage for a tank farm while maintenance is being completed or if there is an increase in demand due to a seasonal supply increase. For remote operators who require an onsite refuelling they can be transported anywhere a truck can be driven, they have even been transported via barge to an on-site location.

Businesses that use Mobile-tankers

    • Airports or Aerodromes
    • Heli-Skiing
    • Tree planting
    • Forest Fires
    • Seasonal Operations
    • Aerial Applicators
    • Remote Helicopter Operations

The versatility and accessibility of Mobile-tankers are beyond anything we would have seen several years ago. The simple and effective design makes it easier to thrive as an all-around on-site fuelling solution.