We are attending the Canadian Aerial Applicators conference on February 18-20, 2016 in Victoria, BC http://www.canadianaerialapplicators.com/conference/
February 18, 2016 • Executive Flight Centre • Events
January 25-28, 2016, Vancouver, BC http://www.amebc.ca/roundup
January 25, 2016 • Executive Flight Centre • Events
Executive Flight Centre (EFC) was proud to welcome back the Edmonton Eskimos after their great victory! EFC had the privilege of celebrating their return, along with many fans as they passed through our FBO Terminal (T1) at the Edmonton Internatio...
December 04, 2015 • Executive Flight Centre • News
November 13-15, 2015, Vancouver BC http://www.h-a-c.ca/
November 13, 2015 • Executive Flight Centre • Events
Keeping Business in the Air From the Ground… Up
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