136,000 Litre AGI Enviro Tank for Sale

The tank manufacturer (2002) was AGI Enviro tank and has a max capacity of 136,000 litres.

The specification is UCL/ORD-C142.22 contained vertical steel above ground tank assembles for combustible liquids and is double walled. Metal thickness is 7.9mm for the bottom/roof/shell. Last cleaned and inspected May 2014 and will be due again in May 2019. No floating suction; suction pipe draws from 1 foot above tank floor. 1 input and 1 output pipes with 4” flange connectors.  The tank has 1 low point sump and utilizes a Moorman Level Gauge Kit in cm for gauging product depth. The tank has 1 emergency vent and one pressure/vacuum vent on top.

Price: $49,000

December 13, 2017 • Executive Flight Centre • News
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