Industrial Charter Terminals

Executive Flight Centre has created an industrial charter business model that is both adaptive and flexible. Our regional network of industrial charter terminals focus on the customer’s experience and operational efficiencies. Each of our industrial charter terminals / fixed base operations (FBOs) in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Fort St. John, Terrace and Kamloops are unique to their location and customized to meet the demand of that area. 

EFC’s goal is to leave lasting impressions with the passengers that move through our industrial charter terminals. Each facility enhances the end user experience by improving passenger flow, operational requirements like security and are modernized to meet the needs of today’s passengers. These facilities are also specifically designed to process passengers and crews comfortably, safely and efficiently from check-in to boarding. 

EFC can provide a full range of fully secure, non-secure and a combination of both for passengers seating area.


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