Ground Handling

Executive Flight Centre offers ground support services for passenger, cargo and commercial aircraft

throughout Western Canada. We provide our customers with a consistent high standard of service with our experienced and fully trained staff who adhere to following the best practices in the industry. We also focus on efficiency and accuracy to ensure our services are completed safely and on time. Any of our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs by designing bundled packages that create a right-fit solution and cost savings.

List of all ground handling services we offer:

  • Full Commercial and Cargo ground handling services (above and below wing)
  • Industrial Charter ground handling services
  • Terminal and FBO security services
  • Full baggage handling services (x-ray baggage services)
  • Aircraft towing services (up to B747 and Antonov aircraft)
  • Aircraft de-icing services
  • Hangarage services
  • Full lav and water services
  • GPU and Heat cart services
  • Passenger gate and terminal services
  • Live flight monitoring and communication
  • Airside and groundside crew transportation
  • Flight crew and VIP transportation services available
  • Aircraft grooming available 

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Toll Free: 1-888-299-2825

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